What areas do you serve?

We serve Fort Collins, Timnath, and Windsor. Northern Colorado is pretty spread out, so if you live in another area, please give us a call!

Why should I pay to have my bins or dumpsters cleaned?

Frankly, we are very good at this because we do it day in and day out. That means we will disinfect and clean your bins quickly without hazardous chemicals, and we’ll take the dirty water with us so it doesn’t get into the gutters for kids and pets to get into. Trash cans are one of the dirtiest and germ-filled parts of your home – they are petri dishes for bacteria and viruses. We’ll kill 99.9% of these germs.

How often should I have my waste bins cleaned?

This is usually a personal choice, and it would depend on how much trash you have. Most families and two-person households would benefit from monthly cleanings because more people are spending time at home – cooking, cleaning, and playing. That tends to come with a mess.

Do you clean Yard Waste Recycling Bins Too?

We Sure do! We charge an additional $10 per Yard Waste Recycling Bin because they are a bit more difficult to clean and a little rough on our machine.

How will I know when to expect you to show up?

We love a good schedule, so don’t worry about having to remember. Routine is the name of the game, and we’ll set up reminders for you via text, email, or phone call.

Do you use harmful chemicals to disinfect?

Absolutely not! We are an eco-conscious business, so not only is our process eco-friendly, we use no hazardous chemicals, and we never leave dirty water or a mess behind.

How do I sign up to get this service?

Click here to request a quote or call us at 970-305-8887.

How do I see my Quotes Invoices or Appointments?

Check out our Client Hub or call us at 970-305-8887.