Cleaning Services

Waste Bin Cleaning Service Plans

We have the below plans available for one-time cleaning or a schedule that works for you to disinfect and deodorize trash cans, recycle bins, and dumpsters. 


One cleaning per month. Billed on the first of every active month.

$5 Each Additional Bin


One cleaning every three months. Billed on the first of every active month.

$5 Each Additional Bin

One-Time Trash Can or Recycle Bin Cleaning

 Billed before cleaning.

$10 Each Additional Bin

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Dumpster Cleaning Service Plans

Dumpster cleaning requires a bit more elbow grease, if you get our drift (and intended pun); therefore, we have industry-specific pricing, based on the size and specific use of your commercial dumpster. We service:


We have monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans available for dumpster cleaning services. Please ask Mr. San-Can for more information by contacting us today!

Exterior Pressure Washing Services

Mr. San-Can provides residential, commercial, and HOA’s with exterior cleaning, including:

Low-pressure washing services available for:

These services require on-site assessment for a custom quote. Contact Us Today at 970.305.8887 to Schedule an Assessment

Disinfect & Deodorize Your Trash Cans, Recycle Bins, and Dumpsters

We’ll Do it Once or on a Schedule That Works for You. No Mess, No Contracts, and Satisfaction Guaranteed!