Dirty, Smelly Waste Bins?

Ain’t That a Bite!

Ask Mr. San-Can to bring you a clean with his eco-friendly, chemical-free, odor-eliminating sanitation that disinfects trash cans, recycle bins, and dumpsters, so you don’t have to explain “that smell” anymore.


Perfect for HOAs, Residential Homes, and Businesses

HOA Services

It’s hard to attract new home buyers when dirty waste bins and dumpsters are creating an eyesore and a smell that hangs over the development. Contaminated cans are a health hazard and can attract flies or other wildlife, especially here in Northern Colorado. Mr. San-Can provides affordable, safe, and eco-friendly sanitization to HOA developments. We understand the value of curb appeal, which is why our cleaning process leaves no mess, chemical smell, or ecological damage.

Residential Homeowners

We’ll do all the dirty work to help you keep your home and family safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. For trash and recycle bin cleaning, you just curb your cans, and we’ll do the rest with our high-pressure washing equipment. We can also clean and disinfect your driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks, garage floors, and just about anything on your property that may attract pests or troublesome wildlife.

Businesses & Commercial Real Estate

Smelly dumpsters are bad for business. Keeping your waste bins and dumpsters clean, sanitized, and odorless is a great way to show customers, neighbors, the community, and your staff that you care about their comfort and health. Dirty dumpsters carry many germs and attract pesky flies and other wildlife that could frighten or hurt someone on the property. Avoid the trouble that comes from not cleaning dirty dumpsters.

You’ll LOVE Mr. San-Can

Professional waste bin cleaning is a real thing. Most people see this service and think, “I can do that myself!” You can, and many of you have probably done this dirty job most of your adult life. As soon as it starts to stink, you pull out the gloves, bleach, brush, and old clothes to scrub that bad boy clean. But the question is, do you want to do that? Also, what is that bleach doing to your yard or floors?

We also know there’s that one trash bin or dumpster in your area that everyone avoids. The truth is dirty bins and dumpsters lower property value, hurt foot traffic to businesses, and will invoke the wrath of your HOA. Avoid that stress and ask Mr. San-Can to bring you a clean!


No more embarrassing smells that attract flies and make you cringe.


Safeguard family and public health with waste bin sanitation that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


We care about the earth and our well-being; our cleaning products are eco-friendly and chemical-free.

The Waste Bin Sanitation Process

You Curb Them, and We’ll Clean Them!

  1. Position Bins or Dumpsters
  2. Start High-Temperature Pressure Clean
  3. Clean Area and Final Check

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